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House M.D. 
24th-Oct-2006 12:05 am
merlin - magic
- 180 Degrees - by movies_michelle - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
"You know, if you're going to protest, it might be more convincing if you took your hand off your dick," Wilson pointed out, mouth moving against House's lips.
"How do you know it's for you? I could have been thinking about Pia Zadora."
"House. Stop," Wilson said and kissed him. At which point his good intentions fled the field.

- Side Effects - by isagel - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
He'd known for years that once he gave in to this thing between them, there'd be no way to halt its progression. The fire would take him and he would go up like straw, and there would be nothing left but the need in his heart, in his body. Greg consumed people as a matter of course, simply by being who he was. To let him in that final bit of the way... Wilson had shied away from it so many times, dreading the outcome.

- Happy At Home - by gena - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
Cameron didn't see any of that now. He stared at her with a bemused look, brown eyes twinkling with humor. "What is it?" He asked, still smiling.
"You - look happy, too."
Wilson dropped his gaze, shifting from foot to foot for a moment before giving a small laugh. "Uh, thanks," he said and glanced up at her. "Things are b-better lately," he said and blushed a little. "House says it's like living with Shirley Temple only my tap dancing is atrocious."

- Five Days a Week - by milkshake_b - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
"Nice lovebite." House glanced down, which was pointless given the way it was hiding in the shadow of his jaw like that, and then back up, face settling into a less surprised and more controlled blank. From the corner of his eye, Foreman could see Cameron had straightened up more at her desk, and he couldn't quite resist asking, "So, who gave it to you?"
House's expression turned exasperated. "Not that it's any of your business,
Eric--" he began.
"I did," Dr. Wilson said, walking in the open door behind Foreman.

- Symmetry - by ticcyyy - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
Whereas everybody knows that House isn't healthy. People only have to look at his bum leg to see that for themselves. House knows that; he hides behind it. But the thing is, no man is an island, no wall is unbreakable, no shell is impenetrable. And when House says little (huge) things like but we’re okay, House is smashing his own walls down. Without even trying.
Wilson wonders if House even realises this.

- Stereophonic Silence - by ticcyyy - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
Everything they do is done in silence.
From the moment Wilson’s mouth meets House’s, there’s not a sound, except for their breath, even and controlled from their noses as they kiss. That’s how it’s always been, for as long as they’ve been doing this, and it seems like they've been doing this for a long time. Silence has a way of dragging time out. When it started isn't what matters, really; how it started is all that matters.

- Paper Moon - by ticcyyy - gen-slash(?) (House/Wilson) - ENG
“How many clinic hours do you owe?” Wilson asks.
“Too many. And I hate your tie.”
Wilson glances up, his tie still in his hand. “How many is too many? And, what’s new? You hate all of my ties.”
House pulls a face. “Six. And I know I hate all of your ties.” He points an accusing finger at Wilson’s tie. “But I
especially hate that one. Julie bought that one, too, didn’t she?”

- Fallback - by wanderingwidget - het/slash (House/Wilson - Wilson/females - House/Stacy) - ENG
“I’m getting married.” He said. [...]
“Congratulations.” He said. Then he’d finished the beer in two long gulps and WWF was back on and it was time for the cage match.
James, struck by Greg’s casual acceptance of his announcement, pressed on. “We’re getting a house. A little place…” He’d trailed off when Greg waved a hand at him in annoyance.

- Home Is Where House Is (How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?) - by extrabitter - het/slash (House/Wilson - Wilson/females - House/Stacy) - ENG
"House? What the hell?" he gasped.
"My people call this a blowjob," House said succinctly and went back to what he was doing. Wilson didn't think anymore, he could only watch House's head bobbing up and down, up and down until his heart reached the edge of its ability to beat and he came in House's willing mouth.
House wiped his hand across his mouth. "I think you should find some place else to live."

- Rumors (Why It’s A Good Idea To Talk While Drunk) - by sarcasticsra - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
"You know, at least half of my nursing staff thinks we're sleeping together."
House hadn't thought that he and Wilson were that drunk; really, they'd only been sitting in his living room drinking for, what, an hour? Maybe two. Or three. Who really kept track of these things?

- The Game of Wilson (Six Cards in a Five Card Game) - by paradise_city - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
 "It could be a bachelor marriage."
House stole his pickle and didn't miss a beat. "Those aren't even legal in Massachusetts anymore. Though I suppose that's a relief; you probably wouldn't want a fourth divorce on your conscience."
"Who says we'd get divorced?"
"Of course we wouldn't get divorced. We wouldn't get married."
Wilson went quiet, then started pulling the crust off his bread.

- Rules Series - by jaryn_ - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
Wilson’s not talking to him.
That’s the other thing about living alone for so long, House reflects. You can quickly get addicted to the sound of another person talking. He’s gotten used to Wilson’s voice filling up the empty silence that is usually an entrenched part of his home. And now that it’s gone again the silence is even worse.

- The Pathology of Least Resistance - by niqaeli - gen (Chase) - ENG
He learned that lesson a long time ago. Learned that if you don’t care too much, you don’t show too much, you don’t get hurt. People don’t go away. Nothing to see then there’s no reason to leave.

- Three-Word Statements in Five Stages - by ticcyyy - gen-slash(?) (House/Wilson) - ENG
Wilson had been so shocked that he'd laughed. He'd laughed. In disbelief, of course. Denial. Complete and utter denial. And Cuddy had hung up, leaving Wilson standing there where he was now, in the middle of his silent, empty apartment with those words echoing around in his head.
House is dead, House is dead, House is dead.

- Drabbles - by fallen_arazil - VARIOUS
Foreman/Chase; word: 'hair' ) - ( House/Wilson, office sex. )
Surcease - by corilannam - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
"I think that’s the gayest thing you’ve ever said to me," House noted, but he held onto Wilson’s arms and let him undo his zipper and push the jeans down his hips until they bunched around his ankles.
"I’m pretty sure the gayest thing I ever said to you was the first time I asked you to fuck me." Wilson gave him a small push to get him out of the jeans and onto the bed.

- Five Ways Dr. James Wilson Didn't Cheat on His Wife - by fallen_arazil - het/slash (Wilson/Stacy, Wilson/Cuddy, Wilson/Chase, Wilson/Cameron, Wilson/House) - ENG
 "He won't look at me, he won't let me touch him." Stacy gasps. Her hair drips wet on his shoulder as she curls into his arms, alarmingly broken, vulnerable, needy. "He's like a stranger. I don't know him anymore."
"What did you expect?" He asks. She saved him, and she destroyed him.

- Eight Chances - by hawkeyecat - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
He says: I lost three marriages because of you.
House doesn’t say: You really lost three marriages because you can’t stay committed and put me before your wives, you idiot.

- Go Away - by simple__man - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
"Go away."
"Is that the Wilson equivalent of 'I love you and want to have your offspring'?"
"It's the Wilson equivalent of 'Get the hell away from me, or die horribly'."

- 5 Drabbles - by simple__man - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
"These are the times that try men's souls," House intones as Wilson steps out onto the balcony.
"Yes, thank you, Mr. Paine," Wilson says, handing over a stack of files. "Top three are the best, bottom three are the worst."

- Getting It Together - by simple__man - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
Wilson seems to have taken the lecture to heart. This will be their downfall. The absence of Wilson in their routine will speak just as loudly as too-much-Wilson, but the fact of the matter is this, James Wilson is almost completely lacking in the necessary components of a good liar. Hence the staggering number of divorces under his belt. He will act guilty (he's already acting guilty), he will blush and stammer and forget his lines, and when questioned directly, his ears will turn red and he will sing like a goddamned canary.

Three of House's Proposals That Were Shot Down, and One That Wasn't - by zulu - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
Cuddy turns around, smoothing her skirt down and straightening her spine and remembering that this is her office. "Is this why you chased away all my potential donors?" she demands.
The shocked-innocent face, like a gaping fish, stopped fooling her about half a second after he first showed it to her, and that was seven years ago. "Why, Dr. Cuddy, perish the thought!"
"What the hell are you saying, House?"
"I'll make an honest woman of you," he said. "I don't care about the odds the orderlies down in Radiology are quoting; I still say it can be done."
"You're proposing."

- Kol Nidre - by karaokegal - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
There were things to celebrate, of course. The most important one was that House had survived his shooting. He was alive, after Wilson had spent the three days of his coma in a state of desperation, making deals with Ha Shem, Jesus, Buddha and anyone else he thought might be listening. He’d promised everything from celibacy to honesty if House would only wake up. As an added bonus to the deities, he’d offered to join Greenpeace, give up red meat and make a large contribution to Amnesty International if House would wake up free of pain from the ketamine treatments.

- Pets - by jaryn_ - gen-slash(?) (House/Wilson) - ENG
The person petting his hair was his best friend; Gregory House.
“I don’t know whether to laugh or run away,” James commented glibly.
“Really? I was hoping for the ‘scream like a girl and then run away’ scenario.” House pouted down at Wilson, from where he was sitting leaning against the bed’s headboard.

Christmas List - by secondsilk - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
House listened to last notes of Silent Night until even the memory of them faded. He was sure he could hear Wilson’s quiet inhale and exhale of breath in the cool quiet of the room. He wasn’t sure that he wasn’t imagining it, but combined with the snow falling outside his window and the spices on the chicken they’d eaten, it was a pleasantly romantic notion.

- Takes Two (to Tango) - by usomitai - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
With the apartment empty of both foreign persons and objects, House was exuberant. Wilson’s presence didn’t demand too much propriety or many social niceties, but he still required some nonetheless. And, finally, a full night’s worth of sleep!
All in all, he was feeling something nearing jovial the next day. He did catch himself nodding at Cameron’s good-morning smile, and stopped himself just in time. He scowled instead—wouldn’t want to give her the wrong idea—but she kept right on, lips still bent upward. Maybe she could smell the cheerfulness on him. This was bad. He didn’t want to let his slaves get happy; it led to bad work ethics. The way his department worked, someone would probably die if anyone got too self-satisfied.

- Silent Night - by karaokegal - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
“Julie’s pregnant.”
“How the hell did that happen?”
“Come on, House. You went to medical school. I’m sure they covered it somewhere between pleural effusion and pulmonary edema.”
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