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House MD 
26th-Jan-2007 04:20 pm
bob - winnix - marry me
- Wilson's New Glasses - by silsbee329 - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
House had had no idea, before yesterday, just how sexy he found glasses on a person. Or maybe it was just glasses on Wilson. Whatever.

- The Photograph & Nothing Left to Lose - by daasgrrl - gen (Wilson) & slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
Wilson keeps this photograph at home, in his dresser. Lately, with the passing of another counted year, it has begun to haunt him.

House would do virtually anything to get out of clinic duty, and Wilson had taken advantage of that fact, together with Cuddy‘s sympathetic disposition.
Wilson didn’t really know why he had asked House along, except that identifying his brother’s presumptive body was something he wasn’t sure he wanted
to do alone.

- COMICS: Tick Tock part one - part two - by johanirae - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG

- Loss - by mer_duff - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
“Where are you going?” Foreman demanded.
“Wilson hunting,” he replied, not bothering to turn around.
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