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House MD 
10th-Dec-2006 01:45 am
bob - winnix - marry me
- The Second Diabolic Plan - by movies_michelle - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
After much wheedling and no few bribes, Wilson was right where he wanted to be. He could feel the engine's purr come up through the frame of the car and right through him. She handled beautifully and she was red.
This was officially the coolest car ever. House was officially the most annoying back seat driver ever.

- Bite - by kassrachel - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
"But it was really a piranha bite? In Princeton?"
"Idiot crossed a river at night. On foot. In Belize."
Wilson rubbed a hand over his eyes. "I don't want to know what he thought he was doing, do I?"
"He read somewhere that piranhas are diurnal."
"Ahh, the internet. Makes our lives so much easier."

- You Are Receding - by kassrachel - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
What he really wanted was to fuck without fragility. To pound Wilson (gasping in helpless pleasure, maybe begging him to keep going, oh, God, just like that) into the mattress, not worrying about whether his thigh was on the verge of spasm. But the weeks went by and Wilson didn't call, and neither did he.

- Denial - by kassrachel - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
The first time House had seen a patient thank Wilson for a terminal diagnosis he'd been convinced it was a fluke. He had to sit in as a "consulting physician" multiple times before he believed Wilson's assurances that it happened about half the time. House had expected it to be mostly the women, since Wilson always knew how to charm women with his earnest, boy's smile and his big brown eyes, but, surprisingly, the men were more likely to say it. He supposed men weren't used to other men addressing them with that kind of compassion.

- Scoring - by 9 - gen/het/slash - ENG
It seemed like any other lunchtime for House and Wilson, but even though he wasn't there, Tritter was seated between them. The large, unseen, ugly thing. The tumor hiding inside an internal organ.

- Stumble - by hi_falootin - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
The last time they talk about the shooting, House says, "You want me to have learned something, don't you?" Then slams his cane down on Wilson's desk so hard that Wilson jumps, and cringes.

- Too Sexy for This Shirt - by Bardvahalla - gen - ENG
Cuddy turned, a grimace on her face. “Fine. You can MC.”
House limped to the door. “I thought Cameron was going to MC.”
“She’s written up the cards for the bachelors. All you’ll have to do is read them.”

- The Meaning of Marriage - by Gigi Sinclair - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
It was hell being married to James Wilson. House had only been doing it for three days, and he already knew why those first two wives had left.

- Pretty and Witty and... Annoying as Hell - by cenori - gen (House and Wilson) - ENG
“House,” he said, somehow making it conversational, “What are you doing?”
“Couldn’t sleep,” was the reply, muttered quickly; the shape of him barely moved.
“I can see that,” Wilson said. “Good to know you’re conscious while you’re - ” He sniffed the air again and blinked. “ - Painting my toenails?”

- Relevance - by Topaz Eyes - gen (House & Wilson) - ENG
"I've met your parents, and your brother -- "
"I have two brothers."
"Why wouldn't you tell me -- "
"It was irrelevant."

- Proposing / The Registry / That Time Cameron Had Mono - by deelaundry - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
Is that so? Hey, Wilson!
My ex-patient here thinks it’s time for you and me to get married.
Why not? My mother's going to want to plan the wedding, you know.

- Why Dr. House Cancelled Poker Night - by deelaundry - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
But then, a while later, the poker games had shut down very suddenly. Just one night, I went and Dr. House wasn’t there. I ran into the other guys outside of his place – they had no clue either. He didn’t return calls and even stopped bringing me his cleaning. I had thought maybe he died, but I never saw an obit. It was strange.

- Then, Now, Eventually (1, 2, 3) - by amazonqueenkate - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
“That’s what happens when you marry Dani and diddle Danielle,” Greg had chided him when he’d shown up at the townhouse. “Our couch has a one-day shelf life.”
“You’re a horrible friend,” Stacy had snorted, padding off in her bare feet and bath towel.

- To Hope - by awwsugah - gen - ENG
After he was put in the rehab clinic, no one heard from Gregory House. They kept hoping they would, and in a way they kept hoping they wouldn’t.
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