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House M.D. 
23rd-Nov-2006 11:55 pm
bob - winnix - marry me
- Shape of the Universe - by descrime - gen (Wilson) - ENG
“Have you told Mark? About cheating on him?” Wilson asks.
“Of course not.” Stacy gives him a dirty look. “Why would I do that before I figure out what I’m going to do?”
“So, if you decide to stay with Mark, you’re not going to tell him?” He can’t quite keep the reproach out of his voice.
Stacy visibly bristles. “I know you tell all your wives about your affairs--”
“It’s a hard decision, but you have to--”
“But have you told Greg about sleeping with me?”

- The Essential Friend - by mer_duff - gen (House and Wilson) - ENG
"Good news!" he exclaimed. "You don't have a new patient. Elmer Fudd hunted the wrong rabbit."
Wilson planted his hands squarely on his hips, confusion turning to anger. "You emergency paged me out of a meeting with the NCI just to tell me that you don't actually need me?"
House looked up innocently. "I thought you'd want to know as soon as possible. One less thing to worry about."
"Yes, well, I am capable of going a few hours without obsessing over a patient. Particularly when it's not my patient." Wilson took a deep breath, but it didn't appear to calm him down. "I'm leaving now to see if I can salvage what's left of the meeting. I don't want to hear or see you for the rest of the day. And if I lose this funding, I don't want to see you for the rest of my life." He turned and stalked out of the conference room, closing the door hard enough for the glass walls to reverberate.

- Coming Clean - by 9 - slash(?) (House/Wilson) - ENG
"So instead of dragging my laundry across town where I can do it in peace, which, by the way, I would be doing if you hadn't insisted on coming with me, I can do laundry in your building, where you'll teach me the mystical secrets of shorting the washing machine and your landlady? I suppose the cost of learning that trick will be doing your laundry for you."
"Exactly! No wonder they call you the Boy Wonder. Mind like a steel trap!" House pushed off from the wall and paced up and down between the rows of machines. He casually lifted the lids on some of the machines and peered inside.

- Very Ancient Rome - by descrime - gen (House and Wilson) - ENG
“So what about Rehfeld’s resignation is worrying you?” He adopted a syrupy sweet tone. “Did someone have a crush?”
“Yes, because seventy-five is such an attractive age.” James rolled his eyes.
“Seriously.” House poked him in the side with the unused end of his chopsticks.
“I don’t have any insecurity about my job. I definitely don’t have a crush. But I did want to be the next department head.” He leaned back on the couch and waited for the mocking to begin.
“First pocket protectors, now this? I always knew you were secretly Asian,” House mocked. “If it’s a woman, I suggest you don’t sleep with her. Or, at least don’t sleep with her and then dump her.”

- Full Circle (Or, Julie Wilson Attempts Growing Up) - by pennycase - het (Julie/Wilson) - ENG
House had even behaved and played nice, wearing a “monkey suit” and reluctantly escorting Elizabeth, Julie’s sister, down the aisle. He snorted. Even though Elizabeth was probably scarred mentally for life, he had more important things to attend to. His wife.
She had been radiant today, white satin and tulle. He had spared no expense, wanting to give her what she had wanted all her life, since she was a little girl with Barbie and Ken. He even looked a little bit like Ken, she teased. There was a four-tier cake, a ceremony in a beautiful little church and a lavish reception at Le Dauphinoise, the simple white gown making her stand out from the gaudy Louis XIV decorations.

- House Rules - by mer_duff - gen (House, Wilson and the duckings) - ENG
Few people at Princeton-Plainsboro see the side of Wilson that House treasures. They don’t look past the starched white lab coat and the perfectly pressed suit to the mischievous boy hidden inside. They are impressed by his publications and professional honours, but none of them have seen Wilson’s jaw drop when presented with Monster Truck tickets.
House hates the lab coat and the suits – he really hates the ties – but he looks past the protective colouring. He respects Wilson, but he adores Jimmy. Wilson pokes and prods him into taking care of himself, signs his prescriptions with a disapproving sigh, lends him money and pays for his lunch. Jimmy lies for him, covers for him, loses his job for him.
Jimmy plays with him.

- Eight encounters - by greensilver - gen (Cuddy) - ENG
"What's so interesting in there, kid?" he asks, when she puts the metal piece to his chest for the fifth time.
She starts to tear up, because Grandpa Joe is going to get real mad at her when she tells him he doesn't have a people-heartbeat. "I didn't mean to do it, Grandpa-"
"There's not a whole lot you can do just by listening, Lisa." He smiles. "Heard something funny in there, did you?"
She nods, eyes wide, wondering how he knew.
He just laughs, and rumples her hair. "You're going to make a great doctor someday, kid."

- Getting There - by sorion - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
House gritted his teeth. “I fucked up, okay?”
“That’s it? You acknowledge, you fucked up, and that’s it?” Wilson put his hands on his hips and tilted his head in fake contemplation. “Because, I distinctly remember you acknowledging another problem of yours and then claiming it wasn’t a problem. So, if you’re just here to tell me that you know, you fucked up, but aren’t going to do anything about it, you can leave.”
House’s ice blue eyes started to burn. “What do you want me to do?” He huffed. “Talk to Tritter, like you suggested? Do you actually belief that it’ll do any good?”
“Then why are you here?!”
“I want my friend back!”

- Strange Attractors - by dorcas_gustine - slash (House/Wilson) - ENG
“Oh, don’t mind me.” House says “Continue, please.”
“What do you want House? I’m with a patient.”
“I can see that. But up in the loony bin they said they couldn’t give me more of those little, pretty pills, so I came here to look for my favorite doctor.”

“Doctor House?” he asks “I’m with a patient.”
The other man looks at him, then at the patient.
“I can see that, Doctor…” he check his nametag “Wilson. I’m not blind.”
“Are you here for a consult?”
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